banana colored potatoes

i saw the despicable me 2 trailer  last, last saturday



then i saw these last, last sunday. in national bookstore, of all places. didn’t even know they sold these! 


and i remembered bookmarking this pattern from allboutami a couple of months ago. it was like God wanted me to make a minion


i changed her pattern a little bit because hers was so big and i am so damn lazy.  and i was just experimenting with the eyes! so if i ever finish this, it won’t look like a minion on crack


my blind follower!

ta ta!

don’t belittle me


i’ve been squatting in my brother’s room for the past 4 days, playing skyrim from breakfast until dinner. the only time i stop is when M visits me for actual human contact…and when i need to use the bathroom (YES i still take a bath). huzaa fusroda! anyway, today my brother got mad and told me to stop and get back to knitting because his ps3 was getting hot.  what a player hater!  and i don’t even knit

here are my crochet thingies that i’ve put on hold because i am a true daughter of skyrim:


a bald malfoy for my friend gretasjunkyard. i still have to sew on his hair and make his robe and scarf. i made this last monday then just chose to forget about it


this is my dumbass 1/3 of a beanie which i started with crochet THREAD

aaaand that’s pretty much it, everything’s a metaphor for how much my life has not progressed. i’m sad…but here’s ken jeong to make us all happy



Oh I could say I need you but then you’d realize
That I want you just like a thousand other guys
Who’d say they loved you with all the rest of their lies